How to Dispose of Shoes?

How to Dispose of Shoes

When it’s time to retire your old shoes, throwing them in the trash can feel wasteful. But don’t worry, there are several eco-friendly options for disposing of shoes that allow them to find a new purpose or be recycled. In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways to give your shoes a second life and reduce your environmental impact.


One of the best ways to dispose of shoes responsibly is to donate them. If your shoes are still in good condition, consider donating them to charities, local shelters, or donation centers. Many people in need will greatly appreciate your contribution, and you’ll be extending the life cycle of your shoes.

Here are three charity organizations in the USA that accept your donations:

Sell or Swap

If your shoes are in decent condition but you no longer have a use for them, why not sell or swap them? Utilize online platforms to find buyers interested in your shoes:

Alternatively, participate in community swap events to exchange your shoes for a fresh pair that suits your style better.

Shoe Recycling Programs

Another sustainable option is to recycle your shoes. Look for shoe recycling programs in your area, as many organizations and retailers offer drop-off points where you can dispose of your shoes responsibly. These programs often repurpose shoe materials for new products or shred them for use in different industries like flooring or insulation.

One example of a shoe recycling program is the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe program. This initiative is designed to give old athletic shoes a new life by transforming them into Nike Grind, a material used in creating sports surfaces such as basketball courts, running tracks, and playgrounds. The program accepts shoes of any brand, so you can drop off your old athletic shoes at select Nike stores or designated drop-off locations. Through this recycling program, your old shoes can contribute to the creation of sustainable sports facilities, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Shoe Recycling Programs


Repurposing old shoes can be a fun and creative way to recycle. Here are some imaginative ideas to give your old footwear a new lease on life:

  1. Charming Planters: Old boots and high-top sneakers make excellent plant pots. Fill them with soil and plant small flowers, herbs, or succulents. They add a whimsical touch to gardens or balconies.
  2. Quirky Birdhouses: Transform old shoes into delightful birdhouses. Just attach them to trees or posts, add a roof if necessary, and watch as birds take up residence.
  3. Shoe Swing for Dolls: For a delightful children’s toy, convert an old shoe into a swing for dolls or action figures. Attach ropes to a sturdy shoe and hang it from a tree or in a child’s room.
  4. Decorative Storage: Use old shoes as unique storage containers. Heels can be turned into pen holders, while sneakers can hold small toys or craft supplies.
  5. Funky Photo Frames: Cover shoes in fabric or paint, and use them as a base to hold photo frames. They make for eye-catching and personalized decor.
  6. Creative Doorstops: Fill sturdy shoes, like old boots, with sand or small pebbles to transform them into functional doorstops with character.
  7. Fashionable Pin Cushions: Transform soft shoes or slippers into pin cushions for sewing enthusiasts. They’re practical, cute, and a conversation starter.
  8. Shoe Pet Beds: Larger shoes, like old boots, can be converted into cozy beds for small pets like hamsters or mice.
  9. Holiday Decorations: Decorate old shoes with festive colors, glitter, and accessories to create unique holiday decorations.
  10. Art Projects: Use shoes as the canvas for an art project. Whether it’s painting, adding mosaics, or attaching various objects, it can be a fun activity for all ages.

Shoe Repair

Before discarding your shoes, consider if they can be repaired. If the sole is worn out or there are minor damages, take them to a local cobbler or shoe repair shop. They can often fix issues, giving your shoes an extended life and saving you money in the long run.

Disposing of shoes in a sustainable manner is essential for reducing waste and minimizing our environmental impact. Instead of throwing them away, explore options like donating, selling, recycling, repurposing, or repairing. By giving your shoes a second life, you contribute to a more sustainable future and inspire others to do the same. Let’s take a step towards responsible shoe disposal, one pair at a time.

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